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In the beginning I was born in New York City. I grew up looking at everything. The quirky visual...

detail "Looking up at Ponds"
UP IS DOWN at Kitchen...

We might change our awareness, disconnecting it from our somatic...

A detail of the wall mural, cracking and peeling, drawn in detail

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serrated pot, glazed, ground off, 4" diameter ($25)

Fired Clay objects last for millennia! That makes a great gift  Time for some of the gems I have made  to move on to new homes, start lives of their own.  

detail "Looking up at Ponds"

We might change our awareness, disconnecting it from our somatic realty.   When disbanding with the need for physical logic, up is not up.  Our perspective  begins from the context of the air, or the body,  or deep in the layers under the ground.  It is a perseverative view, a woven...

The painting starts as the  crosshairs of a target as seen by the bombadere.  It is  David Arsenault's design for "Grounded" at The Kitchen Theatre in April of 2019. The play is very serious.  the painting however was playful, litterally wacked up with paint on sticks.

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