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UP IS DOWN at Kitchen Theatre

detail "Looking up at Ponds"

Recent paintings are on view in the lobby of the Kitchen Theatre, Ithaca New York,  from November through February.  

acrylic on Canvas 24' x 60" , five panels 2019

We might change our awareness, disconnecting it from our somatic realty.   When disbanding with the need for physical logic, up is not up.  Our perspective  begins from the context of the air, or the body,  or deep in the layers under the ground.  It is a perseverative view, a woven vision,  catching the essence and the counter of what is observed.

Light shimmers down through the water of ponds.  To some the pool is everything.   Do they know what exists outside their liquid sphere?  I too imagine looking  up through textures, stratum not ususally occupied, that I might have some inkling of the activities on the surface,  chaos, raging fires, beings fighting, destruction of what has been buit, the sucking  away of resource, the water and land becoming  foul, seeping down. 

oil on canvas 24' x 36' , 2019

These things seem very far away from me, deep underground, among the quiet layers,  moving closer to the core of gravity.

Acrylic on canvas,  36" x 48" 2019

oil on canvas, 36" x 48" , two panel, 2018

Arthur Whitman has written a thoughtfull review of this show in the Ithaca Times.

417 W. State / W. Martin Luther King, Jr. Street in Ithaca, NY.
Receptions:  December 6, 2019 and February 7, 2020. From 5:30-7:30pm
Lobby is open 1 hour before each performance or
by appointment 607.272.0570

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