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Earth to Eye

It is my pleasure to show sculpture at Corner's Gallery with Julie Crosby and Robin Whiteman.  Earth to Eye is an invitational exhibition of contemporary ceramics, curated by Kenneth Burkhart, opening on October 7th, on view through November 7th.  Lower on this page you can see images of my pieces included in this  show.


These pieces spiral in on themselves, claiming their own energy. They have a shape that is revealed in a slow motion dance between the form and my hands, creating structure, losing structure compression, expansion to the point of breaking then saved off the brink of chaos. Clay is liquid. It remains in motion, following my impulse and my intention until it comes to rest in it’s natural form.  The pieces  are my size, formed in relationship to gravity and the subtle spinning that defines our world and ourselves. - Stiller



Clay Body 2020


Red Tail 2023


Ogee 2023


Apologe 2023


Coriolis Effect 2023


Elan 2023



On The Wind 2023


Shikara 2023







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