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Current posts and commentary from Abovoagogo.

It is very useful in workshops to take a week to consider a single idea.The animals and insects build by instinct, with finesse, coordination and great engineering. Do we also have instincts for building, templates for what is required? In the studio, we are imitating the animals.

Workshops start with having a picture of who will be attending and then a  general idea, an inkling.  It is something compelling or useful to that group of kids, a set of visual skills and experiences to take forward.

This was a good day for bugs and people in the studio.  This includes both spiders and insects, which are not the same thing.  Besides all of us people,big and small, there was a walking stick with 5 legs, who stuck around, a cockroach laying eggs and hissing, tarantulas pouncing on crickets, assassin bugs and a centipede. 

In Sketchbook Frenzy everything usually happen in the sketchbooks however some afternoons the drawings will just not stay put. It's been sort of a kick around here, making small things seem giagantic.   Tiny is mighty. 

Work in pastel sits between drawing and painting.  Its all about dense quick color. Some say pastel painting, others say drawing. 

Terry Winters and Iam McKeevers both have a style of drawing and painting, where the image has a direct graphic relationship to the shape of the page from the begining.  Repeating things is good. The first time,  students take in the information.  They muddle through and get the rudiments.   

Visual Think Tank on Fracking,  The idea is catching on.  Where is the warning? There is no canary.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was gutted of its science. They were supposed to protect us with objective logic in the face of corporate interests, and then...

The studio walls are dense with art.  Abovo is sparkling, a visual pleasure. The collection and the studio as it currently appears is a record of our time in the fall classes.

 The issue of the environment is a collective debt, owned by all of us who live on the globe, without borders, on all continents, a tricky inheritance that we share. The everyday stuff keeps our attention, mothers protecting their children, from traffic, from starvation, from ignorance, all of the caring, choosing and doing that we do to survive. Its instinct, a lens that interprets everything


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