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Starting with an inkling

The nature of my work at the Abovoagogo Studio is program design, putting workshops together. There have been thousands of them in my career.  How is it that that they come about?  Workshops start with having a picture of who will be attending and then a general idea, an inkling.  It is something compelling or useful to that group of kids, a set of visual skills and experiences to take forward.  It has to be defined enough to write the publicity or to put together an initial proposal. Over time the kernel of an idea is refined with research and consideration until objectives are specific.  Activities, projects, materials, media, timing, all towards a clear set of objectives   What would be engaging and useful to them (the students) and me? I try to follow my interests.  Here are the current programs I am working on. I go by topic names rather than program names:  

  • Building like Animals:   Habitats and Architecture
  • Kids Behind Cameras  Escapades
  • Escapades Itinerary
  • Book Lab
  • Visual Design
  • Tiny Town Pilot at CNC
  • Figure Drawing 
  • Painting
  • Jungle Party 

This is my summer teaching.

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