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Love of Bugs

1/19/15 was a good day for bugs and people in the studio.  This includes both spiders and insects, which are not the same thing.  Besides all of us people,big and small, there was a walking stick with 5 legs, who stuck around, a cockroach laying eggs and hissing, tarantulas pouncing on crickets, assassin bugs and a centipede. 

Many thanks to Michael and Zack, from Cornell, who shared their fascination about bugs and brought  many amazing creatures to see, photograph and draw.

The kids also introduced the bug scientists to an insect that they didn't know about brfore, Hexbugs, who skittle around in a maze and sometimes escape.

..and then there was the 
really giant spider!


Once there was a movie starring a life-size spider on a boat.  We didn't see the movie, however we did have the costume and Molly agreed to wear it.   See what happens when we brought that creature back to life with our own photo-shoot.

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