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Winter Eyes

Winter Eyes show is OPEN! 

It was a great event Dec 3rd, with art, music, food and good politics.  The studio walls are dense with art.  Abovo is sparkling, a visual pleasure.

The collection and the studio as it currently appears is a record of our time in the fall classes.  It is here on the walls, now that the dust has cleared after the opening,  that I can see the gist of my teaching. 

Why did I chose these particular pieces  for this show, out of all the hundreds of artworks that have been made in this studio since September? 

It is in retropect that I can see the categories and shape of my teaching.  I have looked for students to trust their aesthectic sense, to follow their likes and dislikes, with gestural images relying on instict. There are many bold expressive paintings following this edict. 

In other instances  I have asked students  to follow their imagination and their mind's eye creating fantasy and literary meaning. 

There is a category of work chosen for the show that is about  technical mastery, a quiet discipline of rendering, victories of attention, somtimes forceful and  other times fleeting, tiny yet still present and precious.  I can see my emphasis with students on composition and use of color. Congratulations to all the artiists young and old who are part of this show.

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