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First Face Chiminea

chiminea starting to burn
ceramic chiminea with a face

This is the first towert where a face appeared, and then suddenly, with a quick cut of the knifw in raw clay, it became a chiminea, a spot for a tiny fire, smoke winding up,  a contemplation of character. There is a fire in the belly, something smoldering to consider.     

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Chiminea burning.  Smoke coming out the top
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I like the idea of building a tower,  heavy on the bottom, rooted to gravity.  The figure of it is upright, as we are.  Raw clay is very much like a body.  Here,  

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Chiminea in the studio
Here is the First Face chiminea, fresh out of the kiln
First Face wet clay
In progress in the studio. The face appears
close up
The face to consider

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