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Visual Think Tank on Fracking,  The idea is catching on.  Where is the warning? There is no canary.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was gutted of its science. They were supposed to protect us with objective logic in the face of corporate interests, and then...

Next week they will meet in Binghamton. (Link)  Will this be a chance for the science to be gathered together into a stronger voice? Will the evidence become clear to everyone?  I am ever hopeful, however I do not think there is sufficient medal left in the agency with all the Bushy cats hogging the show.

Our collected watershed is about to be co-opted.  It has been a steady chipping away, over many years, in an organized campaign.  If Fracking begins, it will not stop. Water, that supports us all, flowing from one place to another with no legal boundaries will become un-potable and dangerous to our health.  Buy now, pay later.  There is relentless history of disastrous pollution as payment for energy. Now is later!

Visual Think Tank on Fracking is a forum to examine closely the issues of water, ourselves, energy, policy and the corporate interests through the lens of graphic representation. Art process, a close, non-linear examination can be a window into the core of something.  I will commit to a course of working on these issues through drawing for eight weeks. At this time we need these visual paradigms and the interchange that they will provoke.

I am looking for a group who wants to join me in this useful endeavor on Tuesday nights, plumbers, muscisians, printmakers, rabbis, scientists, historians.  Group members can come from any disciple and do not need to have visual arts skills. Marks made by people who are not artists are often the most genuine and transparent in meaning.   Everyone is welcome.

Neil Zusman, Librarian, has gathered a comprehensive, and eye-opening collection of the literature on Fracking, which is searchable.  The useful Fracking Resource Guide can be found here.

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