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Clay School Sculpture Class

pulled water and clay

Clay is the ultimate sculptural material. It is malleable, able to follow our impulse, record an action or show the force of gravity.  Clay creates structure, changing from liquid to solid and transforming  over time and  by fire.  I am very happy to be teaching in the fabulous Clay School Studio on South Hill.  Thank you Bri and Julie.

iterations of an idea

following influences

Sculpture workshop is a four week round of classes on Tuesday mornings. All clay and firing are included for $195.   Students also have full access to the studio for the month.    

The next round is being arranged.   

Studio practice is the  dance,  the give and take between aesthetic intent, action  materials and technique.  We set ourselves in motion with discussion and a wealth of ideas and experimentation  

Find out more about our workshop participants by following the links below:

Beth Cavener, Follow the Black Rabbit.

Liz Lescaut Biomorphic Sculpture

Jennifer Harnetty

describes her process and her relationship to the object 

Rebecca Buck  clay armature inside a hollow shape

Peter Voulkos on improvisation

Blog piece about Voulkos with good images of him in process

architectural slip cast ceramic

Alexandra Engelfriet :  (diving in, the action of the body) ( waves and curves, repetitive forms)

Antonia Salmon

You see her thinking, iterations of the same idea.  She is rather unknown as a sculptor, makes her living as a functional potter

Fujikasa Satoko  Her work in the portland museum was referred to as “air in clay”.  How does she do it?  There are almost no studio images

Satoru Hoshino His piece is at the Johnson.  In his work, the process is no mystery.  The finished piece is about the process, something massive built from a small action.   We can all identify with his pinching.  We see his fingers.

Torborn Kvasbo, a larger interval of forms. There are many good image of process and the studio.  The front page of the website is not well formatted.  Inside its fine.  

Annie Peaker, a few more rabbits

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