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Artists Save the Earth!

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Artists Save the World  show
at  Community School of Music and Art,
a prolonged celebration of Earth Day for the months of April and May

2010, from Visual Think TankThis exhibition features artwork relevant to truths and uncertainties faced in this era of global climate change.  

My work in this show spans eight years, with two drawings from  2010 about the tender life underground that is assaulted by Fracking.  These were produced at Visual Think Tank for the Environment at Abovoagogo.   Also in this show I have two clay sculptures from 2018, Clay Body and The Sister.  These forms refer to the container of our earth as a living body. 

Each piece this exhibition challenges us, provoking thought and discussion.  I am pleased to be in the company  of this group of artists.  It is our job to pay attention, synthesize and reimagine.  In this way we can see what is possible and save the world

Join us for an Artists Talk Friday May 4th from 6 to 7:30 pm

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