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Winter Clay Sale

serrated pot, glazed, ground off, 4" diameter ($25)clay vessel, like a tail, pink interior, glazed, ground$15 each  1 -2" in diameterfor burning incense or sage, the smoke goes up and through.  18" tallburning sage, the smoke goes out the topa place for sculpture, a favorite rock, your keys.  This sculpture is a diminutive vase, a place for a wee cutting

Fired Clay objects last for millennia! That makes a great gift  Time for some of the gems I have made  to move on to new homes, start lives of their own.  

Sale Days are  December 20th and 23rd at the Alternatives Federal Credit Union.
125 N. Fulton St, Ithaca, NY 14850   9am - 5pm

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Every piece is unique, something for every budget and every space.   Among other things, I have decided to sell the first collection of figures from Tiny is Mighty.   

Choose your own combinations and sets.  Take a look at the movie.



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