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Artists Save the World  show
at  Community School of Music and Art,
a prolonged celebration of Earth Day for the months of April and May

65 pieces, clay individuals embody a tiny mime, an emotive narrative spark that is human and recognizable.

pulled water and clay

Clay is malleable, able to follow our impulse, record an action or show the force of gravity.  We create structure, clay changing from liquid to solid and transforming  over time and  by fire.  

The Clay Body and the Sister
Notes about sculpture and my return to clay

There is time for my own work.  It is the most important thing.  Chalk pastel, vibrant colors, and soft edges let me turn up the volume on the landscape.

The camera lets me troll around and really look at the marks close up. 

Given the materials and the methods, they imagined a community. Over the  days The town became laced together by paths crossing  the river, up ladders and over bridges  The strong social aspect is something that surprised me. 

Not everyone learns how to sew. Many adults can't do it. They would be able to sew  if someone had showed them how, but nobody ever did. Andrea taught sewing in her workshop.  She caught children's interest with an invitation to make their own sweet mouse and she set them in motion to sew.  Its an essential skill in life.

It is very useful to take a week to consider a single idea. The current workshop at the studio,  Habitats and Architecture fits with many other things that I have been interested in, following a progression of ideas about structure, biomimicry and what we build as humans.  I am most interested in the activities of building, how the houses, nests, dens boroughs come together.

Workshops start with having a picture of who will be attending and then a  general idea, an inkling.  It is something compelling or useful to that group of kids, a set of visual skills and experiences to take forward.

1/19/15 was a good day for bugs and people in the studio.  This includes both spiders and insects, which are not the same thing.  Besides all of us people,big and small, there was a walking stick with 5 legs, who stuck around, a cockroach laying eggs and hissing, tarantulas pouncing on crickets, assassin bugs and a centipede. 


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